Multifunction stopwatch with alarm clock 0906 Quartz stopwatch Quartz alarm clock Digital stopwatch

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Multifunction stopwatch with alarm clock 0906 Quartz stopwatch Quartz alarm clock Digital stopwatch

This multifunctional watch is part of our good and cheap offer. It is a stopwatch combined with an alarm clock. Its case is silver and black. She's got three beds. The start and stop button is located on top of the clock. The push-buttons for reset and fashion are mounted on the large silver surface of the digital stopwatch. To ensure that the quartz stopwatch fits better in the hand, a roughened black plastic handle has been attached to the left side.

The quartz alarm clock with stopwatch measures 6 x 8.5 cm. Its weight is 55 g. It has a measuring accuracy of 1/100 seconds. Your drive is powered by an LR44 battery. The watch is delivered with a string. Their warranty period is 2 years.

This makes it very suitable for use in sports such as running, water sports and aviation. However, the stopwatch is also very well suited for work processes (flow belt, typewriter).

Even when travelling, the small alarm clock built into the stopwatch will not let you down. It is ideal for camping or when you want to travel with your caravan on holiday. The quartz alarm clock can be used wherever there is little space for a conventional alarm clock.

Colour: silver, black,
Movement: Quartz
Size: 6 x 8,5 cm
Total weight: 55 g
Pack. (L/W/H in cm): 9.0 x 6.5 x 12.5
Batteries: 1 x LR44 (included)
Batteries incl.: included
Warranty: 2 years

What is a stopwatch?

The stopwatch, also known as a chronograph, measures the exact time intervals between start and stop. It is used in practice where a performance has to be recorded in time. For example, the stopwatch (chess) is used successfully in sports, chemistry, physics, production processes and even in the game world.

The stopwatches look different. A classic stopwatch has no time display. On the other hand, the modern chronographs used in wristwatches and pocket watches have a stopwatch function.

Pressing the button starts the watch and the time measurement starts. Repeatedly pressing stops the signal clock. If you press the button a third time, the clock is reset to 0.

In a Meschanic stopwatch, the button above the watch was made as a crown stopper. It was so mechanically wound by a spring.

In order to be able to stop the time measurement, a pause button was constructed on the clock. The button is located to the left of the main button. The first press pauses the time and the second press resumes the measurement at the previous position.

To be able to measure the exact time in running, especially when several runners start. A third switch was attached to the watch. Located to the right of the main button. With this button you can measure the running times of several runners that start at the same time. The same mechanism becomes effective when the intermediate time is to be measured for a runner.

Mechanical clocks have a drag indicator to perform this function. This pointer is paused to indicate the time as the main hand continues to move. If you press the button again, the drag pointer jumps to the main pointer and runs next to it again.


What is a digital watch?

In practice, two types of clock have become established. The analogue clock and the digital clock. The difference lies in the time display. With the analogue watch, the time is indicated by hands and with the digital watch by numbers ranging from 0 to 24.

What is a digital alarm clock?

The digital alarm clock has an electronic movement. Depending on the alarm clock, different displays can be generated. In most cases, the alarm clock is equipped with many additional functions that cannot be accommodated in mechanical or electromechanical alarm clocks without considerable effort.

The digital alarm clock can be equipped with additional wake-up times, which can even be weekday dependent. Other digital alarm clocks even have the ability to wake up people when the outside temperature falls below a previously set temperature.

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